Cyrus Walker was born in Vermont during the month of January. He started to learn about art and the unique perspective it can provide. He studied under his Uncle who was an Art Director at a respectable advertising firm in Boston, MA. Through the close observation of his Uncle’s work, Cyrus learned first hand how images can be used to speak without uttering a word. It was also through the study of advertising that Cyrus learned about the interesting way commercial illustrators stylize their work.

Cyrus studied graphic design and marketing at Montana State University where he learned about the principals of design. While in school, Cyrus opened a small design company where he had the privilege of working with brands from all around the United States. He has always made a point to incorporate as many analog tools as appropriate while completing jobs in the field of advertising. By studying the work from designers dating back to the 1930’s, Cyrus carved out his own style of illustration and design. His enthusiasm for design is apparent in his fine art.

The shift from design to fine art was a natural one. Many of the principals of design and fine art are the same. It is just the medium that changes. Cyrus currently lives in Montana, and that is probably the reason why he has been focusing on western painting. The western genre is very interesting because it parallels the overall history of art, but it has it’s own time line determined by location. They study of western art is rewarding because of its unique ties to early American history. Cyrus is continuing the narrow time line of American Western paintings.

It is very difficult for me to write about my paintings. I know that people expect artists to talk about the origins of their ideas that brought a painting into the world, but the thoughts can be fleeting and hard to tie down. The only definitive answer would be to describe the technical aspects of the work.

Honestly, I make my paintings because they allow me to continue to explore a style that interests me. Western themes are interesting to me because they have a bit of mystery to them. The Romans created work in the likeness of their gods. The lingering icons of the American West are a sort of deity to me. The ideas of the romantic west are continually stripped away in modern times, but the pieces that remain are dipped in the purest of gold. I am a proctor, panning in the river of my mind to unearth my gold.

It seems cruel to force a person who is best suited by visual communication to write about the very ideas that he can not describe. - Cyrus

BFA - Graphic Design - Montana State University

2019 - Gallery Artist - True West - Santa Fe, NM

2019 - Gallery Artist - Creighton Block Gallery, Bigsky, MT

2018 - Gallery Artist - Creighton Block Gallery, Bigsky, MT

2018 - Trophy Room - Stapleton Gallery, Billings, MT

2018 - Slow West - Stettie Ruth, Bozeman, MT

2018 - Big Sky Professional Bull Riders, Big Sky, MT

2018 - Miles City Bucking Horse Sale, Miles City, MT

2018 - Livingston Roundup, Livingston MT

2018 - Bozeman Stampede, Bozeman, MT

2018 - New Mexico State Fair, Albuquerque, NM

2018 - Rotating Artist - Sun Dog Fine Art, Bozeman, MT

2018 - Gallery Artist - True West - Santa Fe, NM

2017 - Juried Show - Green Room Gallery, Livingston, MT

2017 - Quick Draw/Auction - Bucking Horse Sale, Miles City, MT

2017 - Light - Walker Gallery, Bozeman, MT

2016 - Juried Show - Helen Copland Gallery, Bozeman, MT

2016 - Mural Installation - Alchemist Brewery, Stowe, VT

2016 - BYOA - Cottonwood Club, Bozeman, MT

2015 - Juried Show - Helen Copland Gallery, Bozeman, MT

2015 - Poster Selection - Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone, WY